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Why Work With Us?

We Help You Sell Your Strata Hassle Free

We’re full-service agency which means we’ve got you covered on everything you need from the start of the process to the end.  We pride ourself in forming lasting relationships, collaboration is central to we do.

Elite Service

Excellence service is our standard, not our ceiling. Our goal is to keep you happy and always exceed your expectation.

Time Management

As soon as you decide to sell, you are on a timeline.  We help speed up your timeline while delivering excellent results.

Team Of Experts

We are a one stop agency, with a Marketing, Legal, and Development team to ensure a simplified experience for you

Full Support

We are with you along the journey and afterward, simplifying the process to ensure it is as painless an experience as possible
Who We Are?

Meet Our Beautiful Team

Matthew Greenwood
Matthew Greenwood
VP, Strata Assembly

Matthew is the VP of Strata Assemblies for Re/Max Commercial Advantage. Having earned this position at the age of 30, Matthew has been blazing a trail in Strata Assemblies since 2015.

Moojan Azizi
Moojan Azizi
Managing Director of Re/Max Commercial Advantage

We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is where you’ll shine.

Joe Corea
Joe Corea

Joe is a Realtor, Financor, Developer, and Consultant. With over thirty years working in Real Estate in British Columbia, he knows what value looks like and will help establish the value of your Strata.

Transition Coordinator

Farah is a Mortgage Broker and Relocation Specialist. With more than seven years in the industry, she will help find, finance, and move into your new home.

We Are Experts.

Get the best team for a hassle free experience and maximize your return
4. Real Estate Experts.

Contracts, Valuations, Negotiating, and everything else Real Estate is what we do. Put us to work today.

3. Development Experts.

A performa is the be all and end all of Development. Let our experts build you an accurate development approach based on current market analysis.

2. Marketing Experts.

We use technology to increase the desirability of your Strata to developers to gain you the best return possible.

1. Strata Assembly Experts.

As Strata Assembly or Strata Wind Up experts, we know the Strata Property Act and how it works. Most importantly, we understand the value of your property and your interests.

This Is Us

Let Us Earn Your Trust

At the core of our business is our unrelenting belief that you deserve the best representation. Which means ensuring you will always have positive experiences, be empowered, informed, and a lot more wealthy when you work with us.

Our Mission

To unlock the hidden value of the land under your strata building by empowering owners to make educated decisions to ensure the highest and best return for their property while bringing new housing opportunities and density to the market place.

Our Values

Unlike most agencies, our every decision is guided by our values

  • To Communicate openly
  • To Empower your decisions
  • To maximize your return
  • To Ensure a hassle free experience

Let’s Take A Load Of Your Shoulders

Assembling your Strata is a challenging process. It is emotional, time-consuming, and expensive; but it doesn’t have to be. With our team of Strata Lawyers, Realtors, Development Consultants, and a Transition team, selling, buying, and moving are much easier than it could ever be. Let Us Help You.

OUR Unique Promise Offers A Faster, Better Solution For YOU

Quick Turnaround

By using our exclusive network of qualified buyers as well as paid media channels to market your building, we are able to assure you of a much quicker turn around.

Be Empowered

You will be empowered to always make the right decision when working with us, as we provide you with all the needed information to make a sound decision.

Transition With Ease

Hand picked experts will help you transition to your new home hassle free. You never have to worry about anything during and after the process.

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Creating meaningful and simplified housing experiences. Today, we cater to property development, sales, and maintenance.