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New Changes Bring New Opportunities

In 2015 the Provincial Government of British Columbia changed the Strata Properties Act to allow for the sale of Strata Properties when an 80% voting threshold is met amongst owners. Since its implementation, the number of Strata Assemblies or Strata Windup has increased significantly.

4 Solid Reason You Should Sell as a Strata

It is easier to cash in your pot of gold and we can help you

Massive Return

The growing demand for Rental Apartments means that investors and developers a-like are looking for Multi-Family Rental Buildings with upside just like yours!

State Of Disrepair

is your building falling apart? Looking at a massive assessment? Assembling your Strata may be the way to maximize profit while limiting your costs


Has your local municipal government just released a new Community Plan or zoning by-law? Your Strata might qualify for a lucrative re-development

Maximize Profit

Assembling your Strata as a group is the best way to increase your profit potential. This may be that winning investment you need.


The wrong agent can cost you more than you know, so could doing it yourself.

1. Managing Expectations.

Setting the price too high or too low could mean losing out in the hundreds of thousand of dollars or could disrupt the sale.

3. High Cost.

Strata assembly is an expensive process often involving legal,marketing and consulting fees that adds up quickly.

5. Highly Complex.

Strata Assemblies or Strata Windup are highly complex process that involves getting 80% approval, any error could easily derail months or years worth ofyour hard work.

2. Mis-Information.

Misinformation or misrepresentation of information can be harmful when trying to assemble a strata for sale.

4. Expertise Needed.

Without having the expertise necessary to assemble and market your strata, you end up loosing more money on any deal.

6. Lone Ranger Aproach.

Dealing with developers individually breaks up the flow of information as well as the potential to maximize the value of your property.

This Is Us

Let Us Earn Your Trust

At the core of our business is our unrelenting belief that you deserve the best representation. Which means ensuring you always have a positive experience, be empowered, informed, and a lot more wealthy when you work with us.

Our Mission

To unlock the hidden value of the land that exists under your strata building by empowering owners to make educated decisions to ensure the highest and best return for their property, while bringing new housing opportunities to the market place.

Our Values

Unlike most agencies, every decision we make is guided by our values:

  • Communicate openly
  • Empower your decisions
  • Maximize your return
  • Ensure a hassle free experience
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Let’s Take A Load Of Your Shoulders

Assembling your Strata is a challenging process. It is emotional, time-consuming, and expensive; but it doesn’t have to be. With our team of Strata Lawyers, Realtors, Development Consultants, and a Transition team, selling, buying, and moving are much easier than it could ever be. Let Us Help You.

OUR Unique Promise Offers A Faster, Better Solution For YOU

Quick Turnaround

By using our exclusive network of qualified buyers as well as paid media channels to market your building, we are able to assure you of a fast and painless turn around.

Be Empowered

When working with us, you will be empowered to always make the right decision as we provide you with all the necessary information to make a sound choice.

Transition With Ease

Hand picked teams of experts will help you transition to your new home hassle free. You never have to worry about anything during and after the process.

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